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For Sale

Here you can buy cheap high quality, handcrafted wooden boomerangs that fly guarantees - and of course come back;-). Each boomerang made ​​of wood that was leaving us, is built and tested by me, ie thrown and caught, soo you can see in some videos on this page.
You can also buy some very good, plastic and foam boomerangs i tested and found to be good. Each comes with a boomerang throwing instructions and a warranty. For further information please refer to the sales page.

You will also receive "starter sets" here in different versions. With these sets, you get everything you need to build boomerangs.

If you would sometimes want to build their own boomerangs, you can buy a boomerang konstructions map ("Die Bumerang Baumappe") with many beautiful boomerang shapes in original size (!) And an extensive and detailed illustrated instructions

Please also note my offer of boomerang-shows, demonstrations, workshops, etc. which can be an attraction and asset to any outdoor event (possibly indoors)!

Look around here and order by mail here!