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Boomerangshow, Workshops, Courses, etc.

Wollen Sie für Ihre Veranstaltung einmal etwas Außergewöhnliches? Dann sind Sie hier genau richtig.
Hier können Sie Schauwerfen, Workshops, Kurse o.ä. buchen..


Boomerangshow -----------------------------------------------------------------------

The Boomerangshow contains one or more (depending on the agreement) demonstrations of about 45 to 60 minutes.

During the show the boomerang throwing is explained and demonstrated. The different types of boomerangs are presented, the disciplines of the sport boomerang will be explained and some historical and cultural backgrounds are taught. If desired, after the show, viewers can try under the guidance themselves the boomerang throwing.

An information booth

Boomerang show for and
with the Mayor of Düren


Workshops ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Workshops include a compressed construction course where the participants build one or more (depending on the agreement) boomerangs themselves and a subsequent demonstration that the boomerang throwing is shown and taught.

A workshop can also (depending on the agreement) only include the imparting of boomerang throwing.

Participants of a workshop

Workshop with the Mayor of Euskirchen


Courses ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

During a boomerang course will provide participants with several units shown (depending on agreement) building and throwing boomerangs and taught.

Courses are suitable for example at schools, multi-day camps etc.

In addition, if you are interested can also Adult Education courses are organized.

An early inquiry and consultation is absolutely necessary!

Cours-Participants of a workshop

Adult Education course-participants


Any other --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

CertainlytThere are a lot of other events where the boomerang throwing can be an attraction by and with a world champion:

  • At all sorts of festivals and celebrations, where you want to even offer something extraordinary, as Birthdays, weddings, class reunions and more.
  • We can attach sparklers and / or glow sticks to the boomerangs, throw at night and present a small "Night Show".
  • At a fundraiser I threw a boomerang for 5 minutes around the former mayor of Düren (Josef Vosen). For each catch, the mayor had to donate a small amount for the fundraiser (and i made many catches :-))))))
  • Or, I opened with a boomerang throwing the horticultural show in Leverkusen.
  • Or, I threw in a wedding party outside boomerangs with sparklers, which was a great visual attraction.

You see, the possibilities are as limitless. Contact us, we will find something for you!

Bumerangs bei Nacht
Boomerangs by Night

Attraktion Bumerangwerfen
Boomerang throwing actually is ...

Attraktion Bumerangwerfe
... not so difficult!

Attraktion Bumerangwerfen
The mayor in action!


Boom and Bow--------------------------------------------------------------------------

A very special event I offer in collaboration with my longtime friend and colleague of boomerang Georg Bauerschmidt, who has specialized in recent years to the traditional intuitive archery. Together we come to your event (possibly indoor!) and offer your viewers / guests the opportunity to check and / or try both, the boomerang throwing as well as the traditional intuitive archery.

Contact us and we will arrange a event package that will be tailored to your event!

> click <Here you can learn about the traditional, intuitive archery! > click <

Georg Bauerschmidt, Bogenschütze
Georg Bauerschmidt during
traditional archery

Heinz-Willi Dammers, Bumerangwurf
Mes during Boomerang Throwing
on the beach