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General information

The boomerang in the history always has been a mystery, even though it is fairly easy to learn the boomerang throwing - whether old or young. And although on the return of the boomerang there is nothing magical, only different physical forces to bear. Here you can see a boomerang, as it probably most of us know:

And anyway! Again and again it is fascinated when the boomerang goes along the lane and finally returns to the thrower. It seems ss if he had a will (and if you have ever thrown a while, this first impression is sometimes confirmed quite)!

The boomerang throwing has become - like everything else in the course of time - "modernized", especially in the last 50 - 60 years. Thus, in addition to the just-for-fun throwing the boomerang throwing established as a serious sport. Here are two modern sport boomerang:

Boomerang throwing is really popular sports in the truest sense of the word:

  • Anyone can do it, young, old, women, men - no matter
  • You can throw almost everywhere (see safety rules!)
  • It is not expensive
  • You can even build your own boomerangs, if you want
  • It is a very "communicative" sport, when throwing you will not be alone a long time, it is always someone who finds it interesting. And a boomerang thrower in itself is usually a social person ;-))

So you are athletic, creative, often outside in nature and (if you want) with a lot of different people together. Below you can see a "convivial" Throw in a tournament. This is a fun-discipline, in which all participants submit simultaneously.
The appropriately enough is "Suzide" called (by the way i am the eighth thrower from left;-):